Friday, 16 October 2020

|^^| let's create a living space

seems I always move house in October
except this time I have moved temporarily
into a holiday rental by the sea
sea, sand and mountain views
and treasure to be found
that'll do while the work is going on in my apartment
city living means small streets
but that's no worry for delivery drivers
they are used to hoisting heavy things up
we had to get permission to close the road
for our two huge deliveries
work is happening rapidly
first fix plumbing and electric 
tools tools
yesterday I laid the first block for the solid wall
that will be the ground floor bathroom 
and laundry room
today they begin the stud work
it's organic
the builder puts out his thoughts
I say hmmm can we do that, but with this extra
he rarely says no
he knows what he is doing
and I know what I want
a good team