Monday 25 April 2016

✦✧ a fractured state of independence

one day you are rushing about
dashing to the car to get something out
then BAM! 
you trip and fly and fall
and CRACK!
something is not right
right distal radius undisplaced fracture
and left elbow capitellum fracture displaced
three lovely bits of metal there after an ORIF with
3 cannulated screws holding it together

after surgery, reality strikes
double plaster casts

disturbed sleep
complete inability to dress or wash
 barely enough strength 
to even squeeze toothpaste from a tube
pull up socks
open cupboards, drawers, containers

everything you take for granted you can't do!

this is when the most amazing people step in
and you have to let them

a cousin who came every other morning
before her shift, to wash and dress me:
my bestie who taxied me to hospital appointments
took me to the shops and kept me laughing:
a fellow vegetarian who cooked an extra dinner
every day and delivered it:
friends who took me out of the house for the day
and the hundreds of texts and calls to check on me:
visitors who brushed my hair, did my housework,
my ironing and tidied up
 brought lunches and soup
and cake, lots of cake
and flowers and cards
week by week there are small victories
gradual progress, strength building:
today will be my final physio appointment 
after nearly three months of visits
the doctors, surgeons and nurses
and staff at Southend General Hospital have been 
I must give a special thank you to Ena,
 head of the plaster room
she listened to my distress call when I 
couldn't cope any more with two casts:
she furnished me with a bionic brace and a splint
which gave me greater mobility and really speeded
up my recovery

I walk slower, I am mindful
and truly thankful for good people