Saturday, 30 April 2011

♉ melancholy may

you know how a song can remind you
of a time or place or person?
⇧ this song reminds me of my friend
we would buy smash hits 
sit in her bedroom playing 45's
and belt out the songs:
happy funny silly carefree days:
sitting in the park drinking cheap cider:
 getting ready to top of the pops:
these two girls were very similar 
strong, individual and brave to the last:

I hope Poly finds Maria:
so they can sing it one more time, together ....

Friday, 22 April 2011

︘︘ folding orange birds and boats

 for guerilla art day
part of the southend fringe:
you must try to fly:
 time stands still here:
 four little boats:
ready for launch:
puzzled couples watched
as I stepped over the fence
and onto the grass:
 now we float:

Thursday, 21 April 2011

ᕱ soft sweet smell

a fine and subtle spirit dwells
in every little flower
each one its own sweet feeling breathes
with more or less of power: 
there is a silent eloquence
in every wild bluebell
that fills my softened heart with bliss
that words could never tell:
anne bronte

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

℧ on a french breeze

on the tail of a whim
an aeroplane took me to visit
Suzie Chaney et famille:
just a weekend:
but girl! what a weekend:
dipping our toes in the river
at Camon:
hoping the fish would nibble our toes:
under clear blues skies:
 picnic sur l'herbe:
a nap or a daydream:
listening to the babbling water and the
bees buzzing by:
then a stroll to the village:
to take more photos:
now I knew that she had a passion
for film:
for cameras old and new{ish}:
they all do those Chaneys:
that day we had more than 8 cameras 
between us!
Suzie loaned me one of hers:
loaded it up with black & white 
film and off I went, clickety click ....
later we {she} developed it at home
in her bathroom:
she's generous like that: 
{she's generous to boot}
my own private refresher in film photography:
later she mused about taking her online course
a step further:
doing precisely as we did that day:
can't wait!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

ש come with me into the gardens

work has begun
at RHS Hyde Hall:
flowers awake in the April sun:
heuchera 'ruffles':
red and green should be seen:
paper bark peels:
fritillaries nod:
Mackintosh & Morris would be proud:
and amused by scarecrows 
created by the children:

Monday, 4 April 2011

✧ small measures

scintilla ~ a minute amount, hint, trace or particle:
negative spaces:
or positive ones:
manipulated images
by Laura Cherry
what's the story?
create your own:
matchstick fragility of a forgotten tribe:
 climbing away from the earth
or up to the heavens:
you dreamt it: {pause}
time passes: that is all:
doorways for the soul:
 to go in
or come out:
{pause: calmer}
if we all speak at once we'll never get anywhere
by Helen Edling