Sunday 30 May 2010

⌭⌭ one year later ....

and I'm still eating chocolate:
I once had a severe habit:
cocoa with everything
even for breakfast:
but now ....
                                       just for treats:
this is my chocolate book and the star of my first blog:
one whole year ago:
it was made specially for me by the beautifully 
creative artist Louise :
a gift for my birthday many years ago:
it is deliciously brown and now slightly bent on the edges:
it had been in storage for a few years until last
year when I rediscovered it:
now it's nearly filled with wrappers
from around the world:
yes, I collect them:
some are sent to me ....
these from Tomika in Fukuoka, Japan:
these from Justine and Remy in Brisbane, Australia:
I eat the chocolate and keep the wrappers for my collection:
my best friend takes delight in finding ones with silly names:

thank you to the poptastic Dave @ planet mondo 
for convincing me to start a blog:
it's put me in touch with some fabulously interesting 
and likeminded people:

I'm just the same as everyone else:
milk or dark:
hazelnut+raisin or sour cherry:
still the 'undisputed chocolate girl':

Friday 28 May 2010

☺☺ special delivery

after wiping a tear from my eye
 I waved goodbye to my precious girl
as she went off for a weekend break with her Papa:

then the doorbell rang  ♪bing bong
'what have they forgotten' I thought:
in anticipation of an extra squeeze and
a stolen kiss:
but no it was the postman:
with a package:
addressed to Ms D Chocolate:
that's me!
from France?
from Suzie ^_^

inside ....

like water for chocolate girl:
amour tendresse passion:
et magnétisme:
oh la la!
now there are only 18 biscuits:
nom nom:
a beautiful postcard with nasturtiums:
and I do love a deckled edge:
and a lost message:
knock-your-eyes out colour from Pisa:
not so sure about the red slacks mate:
and doily edged renewal of promise:
ooh oO buttons buttons
and vintage thread:
now where are those socks that need darning?
le meilleur du tout ~ un module de tissu avec le ruban:
{the best of all ~ a tissue package with ribbon}
a set of fabulous Suzie original photo prints:
that I love:
no I LOVE:
non je t'aime:

ps if you're wondering where that chewed, unsharpened 
green stablio othello pencil went to ....
it's here: haha

⎶ poetry corner

I am very lucky to have such creative friends:
inspiring and strange:
individual but the same:
one such is Paul Levy:
a poetic talent and part of the excellent
I never tire of reading his work:
so eloquent with words ....

Man Shed 
the smell of soil
and damp Saturday afternoons
with the sound of rain
drumming on the roof
bluebottle carcasses
dangle in webs
above long protacted
warming hands
around a mug of tea
sitting back
into an old canvass deckchair
the pauses extend
beyond sweet pea
to solving the energy crisis
then scoring the winning goal
at Wembley
dating a pop princess
writing a book
creeking in the wooden frame
like sleeping bulbs

into compost

where would the world be without the word weavers
& language painters?
those who chronicle life and I'm privileged
to know a great one:

you can peep at Charlotte De'Aths new chapbook 

 ‘Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters’

Thursday 27 May 2010

✉ compliments

the postman pushed this through my letterbox:
not just the 'tm10 slideshow' dvd, that includes my photo:
but a bonus 'tate modern turns 10':
and two free tickets to forthcoming shows:
oh how I love the unexpected:

Wednesday 26 May 2010

❤ uber-love

sharing some blog love❤ today:
take a look at the wildly talented
and his superb illustrations:
his images always make me smile:
sweetly strange and gorgeously rendered:
*you can vote for this illustration here
his pieces are popping up all over the place:
with features in digital artist magazine 
well done my friend:

ps mr kraaft ~ if you feel you would like to donate a small print to 
chocohouse ~ it would be prized and adored ^_*

Tuesday 25 May 2010

⊡ mootags

my mini moo cards arrived the other day:
 ❤ their quality and speed!
these are for my crochet goodies:
my photos on the front:
email and *forthcoming* website on the back:
I've attached them to a buff label:
❤ a buff label!
hand 'printed' on the reverse with lead letterpress singles:
need to find a less painstaking way to do this:
it's all in the marketing says Fiona:

Sunday 23 May 2010

༼༿ to walk under the boughs ༾༽

a cool morning walk:
away from the growing heat of the sun:
we have time to stop and stare:
to stand below ....
and feel quite small:
through the dappled light, see roots revealed:
a badgers smile:
and Max among the fading bluebells:
how was your weekend?

Friday 21 May 2010

☼ further adventures of the furry four

Dot {tall & leggy} 
Max {black and scruffy}
Lulu {mad and fluffy}
Blossom {sweet and posing}
injun country:
yAy a smelly muddy puddle:

Thursday 20 May 2010

‣‣ walk on the wild side

sometimes I go for a walk in the nature reserve
with my friend Sue and her dogs ~ Dot, Lulu & Blossom:
down the lane, the bluebells are still blue:
pretty horsechestnut flowers 
stand to attention like candles on their leafy holders:
the cows lazing in their summer meadow:
ears flicking away flies:
big tongues licking the air:
bright yellow buttercups to hold under your chin:
do you like butter?
today we took a different route:
across the fields under a grey sky that defied the warm morning:
the dogs were playful as they had an old friend
accompanying them today:

like a teen left to his own devices
too fat and pulling on his lead:

Max has come to stay with us for a few days:
he is the family dog who usually lives with his 'dad':
we rarely have option for him to stay 
but I insisted he belongs with us:
while his dad is away on business:
Libbie is Delighted: *with capital D*
we love having him here:
think we might keep him
kidnap him as Suzie said:
dognap him as Jennie said:

Monday 17 May 2010

+-×÷ boys and girls come out to play

the school I am working in at the moment
is surrounded by a big imposing
chain link fence:
very unwelcoming:
so I thought it would be fun to create some kind of
'graffiti'  that the head would approve of:

we decided to weave playground chants:
teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around:
bumper car, bumper car:
england, ireland, scotland, wales:

the plan was good:
but the yellow wool was too thin:
we need coloured string:
anyone got some?

Sunday 16 May 2010

♫♭♪ presence and presents

thursday evening I went to Brixton Academy to see one of my favourite bands
they certainly didn't disappoint on their only UK show:
dark tango beats and superb visuals ~
dancing twins and parisian street scenes:
friendly introductions and huge stage presence:
there's something about an accordion ....
the new album, due to be released any day,
will be eagerly purchased by me:
a brave move to debut unheard tracks but somehow
we knew they would be safe with us:
if I had the money they'd play at my parties:
and my funeral:

last night ~
another band in a local pub
two minute songs from this three piece: 
true old style garage:
swapping instruments:
not compromising on sound:
fresh from supporting Pavement
at the very same Brixton Academy!

a restful Saturday, spent potting on peas, beans
marigolds, herbs, sweet williams,
horseradish and garlic:
friends popping by for tea and smiles:
and sweet gifts from Spain of tortas de aceite
mr conguitos and locomix:
*mr conguitos are choco covered peanuts and are yum
locomix is strangely sweet/salty nuts + fruit
Sue knows me too well!
then today my Mama gave me some 
lily of the valley:
the flower for those born in May:
and marigold seeds to brighten my days:
I ❤ my life today:

 what gladdened you this week?

Thursday 13 May 2010

⁂ the sun appeared from behind the clouds

May is a melancholy month for me:
the surprises of Spring have faded:
the passing of age and lost anniversaries:
the winding down to Summer:
then yesterday ....

imagine my sheer delight when this popped into my inbox:
Libbie's shoes and Shibboleth by Doris Salcedo:
famous feet:

need to get my own show next eh? 
*added 15th May ~ link to the slideshow click here

Wednesday 12 May 2010

⎈ maybe it's because

I'm a Londoner ....
that's how the song goes:
yes I was born in London but for all, but a few years of,
my life I have lived in Southend:
*or nearabouts*

when I saw an invitation to exchange thoughts, comment and
memories of the High Street,
'why not?' I thought:
so today I met Ian Hurd, the man throwing out the invites
along with a free coffee:
Ian is part of Agency Southend:
a non-profit making social enterprise group:
their ethos ~
"Agency Southend aims to reconnect Southend residents with their 
visual landscape, allowing the creative spirit to add to our spaces 
and invigorate the locale"
as part of this Ian hopes to create an exhibition:
never mind the history books:
he wants our stories:
mine started here:
well actually it started at my Uncle and Aunts house around the corner:
but this was the door that we called home for a while:
it was bluegreen then:
living upstairs:
a lounge, a kitchen and a bedroom:
we shared the bathroom with the lady in the next flat:
a tiny place for a family of 5:
it's amazing how, seeing this today, it sparked so many
good thoughts of times spent in the Town:
shops long gone:
the smell of coffee from Planters and their delicious cakes:
Miss Rose, a tiny 'undies shop' packed to the rafters with
corsets and knickers:
next door the wig shop, with it's polystyrene heads adorned with 
hairdo's of every shape and shade:
the scary Toby jugs in the window of Owen Wallis
but the toys upstairs to gaze wide-eyed and dream of owning:
the pubs frequented on a Saturday night trawl:
the Tavern in the Town for the jukebox,
the Top Alex for the bands:
Scamps and Zhivagos, the clubs for afters:
drinking cider on the 'hills', waiting for friends to come from the
bus or train station nearby:
York Road Market ~ now sadly torn down by the council:
many teen hours & money spent buying fabrics to make my own clothes:
buttons and zips from the haberdashery:
thumbing through 2nd hand records in Gumbis:
the door has only changed colour since then:
but the town and I have seen much go by: