Friday, 26 October 2012

િ doubles and singles

a few weeks ago I showed my friend Jenny
how to crochet granny squares:
she wanted to make a blanket for her 
sweet girl:
it has been a while since I picked up my hook
and I got blanket envy:
so I decided to use up all my odds and ends
and hook a blanket to use at my yoga class:
it gets pretty chilly in the hall where we
practice each Friday:
I sort of made this pattern up although I'm 
sure it's been done before!
it has been my meditation ~
5 doubles into the same space
1 single into the top of previous shell
count, hook, yarn over
then all those ends to sew in
long enough to cover me when I'm in Savasana
going to miss the crochet rhythm
what shall I make now?