Sunday 30 October 2011

✈ zero air miles

this morning I took some home
made jam and pickles to ☟
a sharing of food and knowledge:
no money changed hands:
lots of produce to choose from:
locally grown:
and picked:
ric from earthangel organics
gave us tips on growing vegetables
over winter:
we drank tea and talked cake:
we chatted about art and wine making:
I swapped for a gingerbread phantom
and a jar of lemon curd
a jar of beetroot chutney, two pears
and some physalis:
not that's my kind of morning:
can't wait for the next one
11th December:
what will you bring?

Tuesday 25 October 2011

0o0 in between

"yeah you park up by the church
then walk down a bit
and there's this place ...."
this little church
is between giants:
they make soap:
it also has a claim to fame:
we couldn't go inside:
so we looked outside:
like so many before us:
then we found the footpaths:
along the river:
a smell of salt mixed with washing powder:
miles and miles of graffiti wall:
tagged and sprayed:
claimed and reclaimed:
while industry ignores:
and the mud retains:

Saturday 22 October 2011

⍾⍾ all that glisters

yesterday we caught the last day of
by Mila Nesterova
it was a little awkward to view the 
photographs as people were
eating and networking:
Mila's lightboxes were so striking:
 fashion meets dance meets theatre 
meets clubbing meets light:
movement: energy: graffiti:
{bioluminescence: nature}
produce made human:
confused beautiful:
a sneaky peep at the amazing 
lightbulb ceiling downstairs
and a bowl of delicious cauliflower curry soup:

Tuesday 18 October 2011

‐‑‑‐ sew sew

although I am very lucky to own 
one of these gorgeous leather camera
bags by Grafea sometimes I just want
to grab one camera and shove it
in my handbag:
not practical:

this summer I envied my friend Suzie's 
ingenuous drawstring bag ....
so I cut up an old skirt
{it was far too short for an old girl anyway}
turned over the top edge:
cut some wadding and a lining:
made a fabric sandwich:
sewed up the sides and bottom:
thread ribbon through the top:
safe padded pouch for my baby:
Libbie got all jealous 
so I made her one too
with a Liberty fabric offcut:

Friday 14 October 2011

☼ late summer sun

a rare blue sky:
 long shadows and egg yolk yellow:
my girl being silly on the deserted beach:

Tuesday 11 October 2011

㊀ any more fares please?

on Sunday I met with my flickr friends
for the Canvey Island bus rally:
there's some delicious details on those 
old buses:
chrome and enamel:
a need for speed:
we took a ride on an old bus:
to the museum:
{my Dad used to wear one of these!}
classic cars:
{this is my dream car}
then a bus ride back again:
no smoking on the upper deck:

Saturday 8 October 2011

♦♢ in my neighbourhood

today was the start of
the first ever Hadleigh Art Trail:
I headed to the Hadleigh Old Fire Station:
a collection of works and open studios:
tread carefully ~ donna jeffrey
work number 88 ~ emma mower
intricate labyrinths of lines
oil paint on aluminium:
rainham steel ~ barry andrews:
a work in progress
 as he painted he told me he'd fallen 
back in love with this canvas:
descriptive visits to the marshes:
an affinity to the space:
'the scruffier part' he called it:
X ~ jane woolatt and chris ruston:
{inherited maps of ourselves}
their collaborative works are unique:
lost stories, conversations, history:
found objects, layers and texts:
they talked of the crumbling studio of old:
how this new space will bring a fresh direction:
it's a delicious and welcoming place:
{despite the dodgy yellow paintwork}
a cup of tea and so much to see:
hadleigh art trail is on until 15th october: