Tuesday, 31 May 2011

⎰⎱ one add one

the ceramicist Madelaine Murphy
gave me this ....

a beautiful ceramic shrine
barely eight centrimetres high:
what do you put in a shrine?
I started to think about what I love:
things I hold dear:
and started to photograph them:
then I printed them really really small:
 printed some ribbon with qualities that aspire:
 and sent a photo of it, back to Madelaine:
now it's mine to keep:
the goddess of small things:

Monday, 30 May 2011

■▹◎ multi faceted

my town is full of interesting and creative people:
it's fascinating to see how they work:
I first met Brian Parker when he was 
dancing as part of an interactive exhibition:
he told me about his passion 
for painting and his search for the
'perfect line':

the way I see it
his latest exhibition at Studio Eleven :

the four seasons:
tetraptych of pattern and shade:
local scenes made graphic:
quirky screen prints:
tactile shaped ceramics:
layered abstract acrylics:

does this man ever stand still?
eclectic and considered:
one to watch:
one to go see:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

{} dem bones

quite some years ago 
I had a back problem:
it meant I couldn't wear backless shoes
or sit cross legged for years:
a herniated disc:
it's painful and boring:
and has returned:
just when I have lots of brilliant
things to be part of:
yoga is helping:
but restless sleep is zzzz

Sunday, 22 May 2011

⚃⚃ roll the dice

do you ever get times
when you're just not feeling it?
it's bubbling under there
but you're just not ready
you know when it does come
you will be 
on it
and your feet won't touch the ground
you'll pile on extra
with cherries on the top:
{until then I'll watch clouds in silence}
photographed by me:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

『[‖/ brush up on my field work

new exhibition at the Tap gallery until 4th June:
curated by Lee Sullivan
explores the possibilities of the visual field:
{scale is not apparent in these images
so I'll start with the smaller pieces}
by Lee Sullivan:
brutal edifices made simple
with determined strokes:
how I learnt to stop worrying and make a print
by Lee Sullivan:
fragile prints remembering ruins,
real and imagined afterworlds:
building sites in green and blue:
salt lake, carbon class
by Claire Barnett:
crystal folded forms transform the 
two dimensional to three:
echo park:
a new landscape constructed:
reconstructed from found images:
now these are big:
{David always does big}
free and flowing:
like satellite images of unseen routes:
vast trails over hidden paths:
 maps in the desert
or under the sea:
layer on linear layer:

go see for yourself:

Monday, 9 May 2011

☛☚ read all about it

the postman brought me a parcel:
and it raised a squeal:
I knew it was coming:
but I've had to wait:

 newspaper edition:
this is it as I unwrapped it
from it's polythene bag:

 trademark Donwood stamps:
 underneath ~ the cd:
 underneath that ~ the records:
two of them:
in clear vinyl: {retro}
 the b sides:
the newspaper:
oh yes I do:
best {belated} birthday present:

Sunday, 8 May 2011

∞ mr & mrs

I didn't watch the royal wedding:
I was busy making punkcakes:
it got me remembering my 
own nuptials:
a small gathering:
 you never forget that day:
away from the media circus:
I hope the royal couple allow for growth:

make space for the new:
keep their individuality
and work as a couple:
hopefully their marriage will
last longer than mine:
but I am happy to turn the
page with a smile:

Saturday, 7 May 2011

ᐳᐳ acrobatics

swifts returned to my sky today:
I've been told it's the same date
as last year:
watch them dive in the changing sky:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

⧦ birthday bloom

when you're a child
you can't wait for your birthday:
as you get older
it doesn't seem so important
to mark another year:
better it float past
like blossoms on a breeze: