Thursday 30 May 2019

**** one decade later

 this day 10 years ago
I wrote my first blog post

so here I still am
with a message for myself 
3650 days ago
if time travel becomes a thing

dear Denise
(yes you will finally be called 
by your real name and like it)
so much will change in the next years
your eyes will be opened
you'll move away
move on
heartbreak, heartache
arm breaks
you'll lose people along the way
tough times will be replaced by easier
you'll meet some amazing people
on your journeys
see some beautiful places
fall in love with mountains
add the things that bring you joy
plan less, go with the flow
listen, watch, see
be interested and open 
to those who deserve it
sift and shift

your life will be what you make it
and right now it is