Tuesday, 9 June 2009


This morning I found that something was missing ~ that something was my voice.

It has been frustrating not being able to respond to someone, have a proper conversation or laugh. Ordering a coffee in Pret made me smile but I opted for tea. The international hand signal that everyone understands. No vocal needed.

But there are also advantages.

The outer silence creates an interior silence. I took advantage of my personal silent retreat by driving to the shopping centre. This was better than a retreat since I learned to have interior silence amid the loud, crazy, hectic world that goes on around me. Spas or retreats allow people to step out of their environments to find something, but I have found that something in my every day environment. That something is slowing down, taking time and appreciating the human body which *usually* does what you expect it to do, without question, no matter how much you abuse it.

Every day.

I am hoping my voice returns soon so I can teach on Thursday. In the meantime, I am embracing and savouring my forced silence. I know I will miss the quiet once it is gone.


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