Tuesday, 21 July 2009

*. a little help for my friends.*

I'll help anyone with anything if it's within my remit, so today I have been cleaning and hoovering for Amy & Emma at CoExist. It's all hands on deck as they prepare for Tantalum Memorial & Phone Wars, Base and GPO Documentaries ~ a private viewing at the 'TAP' tomorrow.

After a whizz round with Henry and a rub down with Flash ~ I can safely say that the main entrance is now devoid of disused webs and spider carcasses. Daisy fresh *ish*.

Then a dash home to some dining table productivity for my business partner, Robert. He has taken the mantle of manager to a local four-piece named The Bakerlites. After enlisting our daughter to take photos of the band, he asked me to burn some discs for distribution. Robert has many talents but computer technology isn't one of them *he won't mind me sharing that*.
A little bit of home output, sleeve design, cutting, copy, fold and sleeved ....

.... 22 promo discs to be set free for someone's listening delight.


  1. Any links to websites, myspace ? - or how about an audio emded?

  2. should link to myspace ~ click the name, lemme know if it's not working ^_^

  3. I heard 'em and I likes 'em - It's that lot from outside Ye Olde Shippe isn't it?


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