Saturday, 21 November 2009

≅ vorsprung durch technik

walking down the long long corridor of the hotel boat
I went to explore the city 

through the old cobbled streets 

wOwing at the buildings and glass

discovering retro relics

and kooky details

& never being far away from nature


  1. flowercrochet masterclass @ mine soon lovelygirl ♧

  2. it's often the mundane details that *most* pass by that give you the real flavour of a city, away from all the touristy trappings, you got a great ability there, girl!

  3. it's the daydreamer in me
    always looking elsewhere
    it annoys my Libbie sometimes ~ "come on Mama"
    maybe I'm destined to see the details
    or plain nosey!

  4. Libbie will always remember that you stopped to look...
    Love that letterbox


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