Tuesday, 7 December 2010

⊰⊱ stop children, what's that sound?

as students from London Art colleges raised their voices
against the coalition government's cuts to the arts,
Susan Philipsz received the Turner Prize for her 
sound installation works:
her first commission in London 
surround me
a series of haunting sound pieces in the streets
alleyways and roads of the Square Mile:
music gathered from late 16th and early 17th
century songs, madrigals and rounds:
her solitary voice singing out through the public spaces:

take a moment and listen to this excellent podcast,
memory by Francesca Panetta
personal, geographical, musical, architectural:
artists {including Philipsz} reflect on how this relates to their work:

the artist herself sympathised with the students,
and quoted in the Guardian today
"My heart goes out to them. I really support them."

the sculptor Richard Wilson said:
"I think it shows super-intelligence to have this done on the
night of the Turner Prize. This is the only way to do it.
They can't do it with a whisper, they must do it with a shout."

viva the voice:

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  1. This was my sister's fav exhibit when she went a while back. Proper listening is a much neglected art form.

    Long live ears (speaking as a bit of a deaf person)


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