Monday, 28 March 2011

⊗⊕ smile please

yesterday we travelled up the M1 motorway
to the Format International Photography 
festival in Derby:
'Right Here, Right Now'
exposures from the public realm
explores street photography:
short walks take you from
space to space
set around Derby's City centre:
lots to see, even on a Sunday:
from here to there by Ljudmilla Socci:
images taken from a train window:
a journey of shifting landscapes:
pyramid by Raoul Gatepin:
flaked suburbia after Wall St financial messes:
modern architecture looms hazily
over victorian semi's:
we were shadows watching shadows:
stereoscopic photographs that track a journey 
from the hoover dam to the 
roof of the world trade centre:
by Robert Covington:
peep through the glasses as the photos
merge and animate:
all is not what it seems:
nature enshrouds the traces of war:
but some things remain beneath:
minescape by Brett van Ortt:
tactile surfaces of bomb shelters:
personalised not disguised:
public domain by Orit Ishay:
best in show for me was 
concrete island by Peter Ainsworth:
marks left by inhabitants on walls
that support a motorway flyover:
painterly, abstract, layered:
there was an eclectic mix of both
photographs, styles and venues:
just like the city
old, sits comfortably, next to new:
our final exhibition of the day
and the biggest interaction:
Al had taken images on his phone during 
our visit:
bluetoothed to pogo:
printed: tagged:
photographic points around the city:
a visually changing map:
street photography is a vast topic:
there is always the debate
'is it street?'
everything shifts as you move:
different things come into focus at
different points in your life
and you try to articulate that:

Format continues until 3rd April 2011:


  1. excellent! The images taken from the train window, now that's my cup of rooibos!

  2. Wonderful Dee. Certainly looks a varied mix of ideas and styles.

  3. Man, my window on format is closing as my cold's getting worse (must have been the park)

    I know people in Derby. I'm familar with a lot of the work that's on show. I was gonna... was gonna...

    I've always been a good gonna


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