Wednesday 18 May 2011

『[‖/ brush up on my field work

new exhibition at the Tap gallery until 4th June:
curated by Lee Sullivan
explores the possibilities of the visual field:
{scale is not apparent in these images
so I'll start with the smaller pieces}
by Lee Sullivan:
brutal edifices made simple
with determined strokes:
how I learnt to stop worrying and make a print
by Lee Sullivan:
fragile prints remembering ruins,
real and imagined afterworlds:
building sites in green and blue:
salt lake, carbon class
by Claire Barnett:
crystal folded forms transform the 
two dimensional to three:
echo park:
a new landscape constructed:
reconstructed from found images:
now these are big:
{David always does big}
free and flowing:
like satellite images of unseen routes:
vast trails over hidden paths:
 maps in the desert
or under the sea:
layer on linear layer:

go see for yourself:

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