Tuesday 26 July 2011

☖☗ east meets west

pastel perfect painted line:
rickety flaked abandoned:
seaweed entwined:
limpet encrusted:
Mersea Island:


  1. I love these Photo's Dee - did you take them yourself? Are they aedited in Photoshop or the like? Are you doing a project on Mersey Island? It's a really interesting place. Maybe you should make these into a book? Sorry for the barrage of questions!!

  2. thanks Ian:
    my photos are straight from camera apart from file resizing: I tend to use my digital like film ~ one shot only, maybe two and little {if any} editing:
    Mersea certainly is a queer place ~ a place I like to visit on sunny days:
    there is a book in the offing for a group I belong to called the Seaside Appreciation Society: a collaboration of many photographers:


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