Thursday, 4 August 2011

ᕭᕮ great minds think alike

I do enjoy it when
conversations overlap:
markers are placed:
the brain flags and highlights a subject:
you become receptive:

from a discussion on how we are attracted 
to others:
friendships, relationships:
a primeval thing
going back to early wo/man:
gesture, scent or behaviour:
recognising your own tribe:

then an interesting programme on
archives from the vaults of Auntie Beeb:
evidence and unpicking human nature:
debunking and rethinking:

the most exciting and thought provoking quote 
in the closing minutes from 

what governs how humans behave is an
extremely complicated mixture of our
genetically provided brains
overlain by a massive infusion of culture:
if you try to understand human psychology
and human behaviour in terms of either 
culture on it's own
or genetic evolution on it's own
you're going to fail 
because they're both there
they're both extremely important '

love the the idea of 'provided brains' set at default
then customised and personalised by culture:

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