Monday, 7 April 2014

▎▎ the other side of the tracks

alongside the train tracks
near the street where my Ma once worked
is a little food market
on Maltby Street
small businesses under the arches
share their space on a Saturday
with artisan bakers
chocolate makers
a reclamation yard turned into a gin palace
I'm sure Lady Diana would have been proud
that her wedding glass was filled with
a delicious Negroni cocktail!
not too many mind!
we have to go onward to the
a collection of colour in fabric
food still a theme here
these two delicious prints by Marcel Vertes
radishes good enough to wear
floral soft tones by Chagall
abstract map like forms by Donald Hamilton Fraser
dancing shapes by Alexander Calder
and riotous acrobats by John Rombola


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  1. I really like the food still, would love it in my kitchen :)


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