Tuesday, 26 January 2016

^^ to the hills

 mornings are the best time to make visits
the humidity is 70% and more
the temperatures soar to 35degrees
we drive 35km North to 
 Kbal Spean
The River of a Thousand Lingas
it's a 1600m climb 
through the jungle of the Kulein Hills
over tree roots and packed earth
we pass piles of stones
considered to be lucky if yours is the highest
the river beds are carved with Hindu Gods and Deities
four headed Brahma
reclining Vishnu
and linga
thousands of them
these holy phallic symbols represent the supreme
essence of the God Shiva
the lingas sanctify and fertilise the water as it flows 
downstream to the Angkor temples and settlements
lotus flower motifs
the light was beautiful
butterflies, dragonflies
and tiny fish in the river
we find calm and rest awhile
water cascades
over the sandstone
carved by hermits in the 11th century
way up here

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