Tuesday, 6 December 2016

++ if you want to know the things we see

the "Dread Room"
has gradually been transformed
the lower section of the wall 
had been painted in a very old
oil and earth mix
which proved problematic when painted
as it kept bleeding through
we scrubbed it with a solution of this
then carefully rolled a thin coat
of oil based matt paint
and prayed
it worked!
then the task of scraping off years of paint
from conduit and sockets
and finding a match for the skirtings and doors
it pains me to tosh over these beauties
on top of all the really bad paint already on them
but time and budget won't allow for now
all I need now is furniture 
and a lovely light fitting to replace this pathetic bulb!
now it's The White Room
like that scene in Bruce Almighty 
when he meets God

"we spin, we turn, watch and wait
as the world just creeps on by"


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