Monday, 18 September 2017

!! overload my senses

there are things I miss
so I took advantage of cheap flights
and stayed with my daughter in London
just for a weekend

immediately into the hubbub 
crowded tube trains
noise, cars, pollution
the need to be hyper linked to everything 
all the time

no I don't live in Outer Mongolia
but I would have to drive for ten minutes
to get to the only bus that would take
me to Pamiers
there I could get a train to Toulouse

London is very connected
and it's marvellous 
I missed that
I also miss going to galleries
Gregory Crewdson at The Photographers Gallery 
was out first stop
Cathedral of the Pines is a large body of work
his signature grand landscapes
muted palettes and light
(detail The Barn)
as usual we want to ask questions
I'm glad I got to see them but ....
the nudity over took the stories 
it seemed unnecessary 
even this young person thought so 
to my amusement 

after amazing lunch pad thai and green curry 
at Rosa's Soho
and a spot of shopping 
we visited Beetles & Huxley
I love this little gallery
it didn't disappoint
(red curtains)                   (holding the blue)
a collection of images by Cig Harvey
partially hidden subjects
self portraits and in glorious colour

and so to the Southbank 
the record label Erased Tapes are celebrating
their tenth birthday
we delighted in a free concert by the artist 
a beautiful hour spent listening to new and old songs
with like-eared people 
afterwards ~ fresh dosa by the river
and a bus ride home
door to door

and that was just Friday!

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