Thursday 28 December 2023


does the human body renew itself every seven years?

 after about seven year of cellular replication
you're an entirely new collection of cells, inside and out
but is that true? 
not exactly
cells in some organs and systems in your body are totally replaced in a matter of months
but others remain much the same as they were on the day you were born

so are we the same as we were 7 years ago?

we step out of 2023
a year of logic, learning and spiritual growth
but also of ignorance, misinformation and absurdity!
the number 7 in numerology
is the bridge between the human world and the heavens:
doing the inner work to overcome obstacles 
and listening to your intuition
relatable non?

in the Tarot
7 is the card of The Chariot
taking control of those sphinxes
and moving in a positive direction
into 2024 ......

eight is a number of authority and inner wisdom
and desire for peace:
finding balance and learning from our previous
2023 experiences
where we tested the limits in number seven, 
eight takes it to the next level  
it dissolves and transforms into something more tangible

in the Tarot 
8 is the card of Strength
taming the ego through compassion
the energy of transformation
but before that transformation can take place
 there needs to be a dissolution of all that exists
an ending to make room for a new beginning
 eight becomes the number of evolution
an unendinginfinite process that keeps going
and helps the us transform over and over

lets finish the year soft
finish the year restful
and be grateful for another crazy cycle on this earth
because next year will be a time of
infinite possibility

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