Monday, 24 August 2009

]-summer squeeze-[

Summer screams abundance.
Bees & butterflies fluttering around, busy doing what bees & butterflies do.
The smell of creosote or cut grass as people push mowers
up and down.
Children laughing and enjoying the fresh outdoors.

There's fruit to be picked, vegetables to harvest, jams and pickles to be made.
Dust down the sunloungers, rummage in the shed.
Walk along the prom, run in the fields, laze in the warm heat of the sun or the cool shade.
Guess shapes in the clouds, see jets make vapour trail sky kisses.

Oh I love summer.

make lemonade ....
1 ½ cups cups water
1 ½ cups cups sugar
1 ½ cups cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice
zest of two lemons *four if they are small*

gently heat the water, zest and sugar in a pan until sugar has melted
cool to room temperature then add the lemon juice
decant into a bottle
fill a glass with ice, pour over yummy lemon syrup and top with cold fizzy water or soda
mmmm the taste of summer

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