Friday, 7 August 2009

~ turn the page ~

A little folder on my desktop called 'blurb' winked at me today.
It's full of edited photos taken by me, for an imaginary book.
So this afternoon I set to work making that a reality.
Sounds good ~ except the software to do this is painstakingly s-l-o-w.
My poor old mac was groaning nearly as much as me.
Plenty of layouts to choose from, so why not the ones I want?!
Keeping my thought concentration through phone calls and big smiles at a text from Hayley.
Editing and saving, moving and saving, tweaking and saving.
Persevering, I made cups of chai or lady grey in between uploads and rushing out to get the washing in before it rained.

Until finally, after a day of huffs and tuts and yays ....

.... my book is complete and ready for print.

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