Friday, 4 December 2009

☾moonlight adventure

.... last night, my best friend and I drove to London
it's not too far by car
about an hour with traffic to our destination

there was a fair outside and inside
with flashing lights and disco music
but that wasn't why we were there

the space was hugely impressive
all held in place by huge tubes of steel

we were in the O2 arena to see
Eddie Izzard
an English comedian and actor
who I adore
because of his stories where animals 
have human characteristics 

while we sat in the 'gods' 
Eddie looked so small in the enormous space
but somehow he managed
to make us feel like we were at his place,
 listening to his theories on civilisation,
the universe and everything
as I looked down, I thought the audience like little ants
all facing front with big smiling faces and 

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