Monday, 21 December 2009

⌔ rip it up and start again

as you know ~ we've had some snow :
just look at my washing line 
hanging like a long snow sausage!

far too icy and dangerous to drive anywhere :
so we have stayed at home for the last four days :
it's been just the thing after the pre-festive madness :
time for us :

I finished Gracie's pinkyblinky :

made an amigurumi creature >
her name is flo and she fell from a fluffy snowcloud :

we had to eat cake for breakfast as we ran out of bread :
an adapted recipe perfect for it's old fashioned
frugality and store cupboard ingredients >
220g plain flour
1+half tsp baking powder
175g dried fruits *we used sour cherries, mulberries & raisins*
90g nuts *we used pecans*
125g butter
170g caster sugar
60ml milk
2 eggs
demerara for sprinkling

set oven to 160c/gas 4
line a loaf tin with greaseproof
sift flour + baking powder into a bowl
stir in fruits, nuts and sugar
melt the butter + pour in the milk
mix gently into dry ingredients
adding the slightly whisked eggs
*don't over mix here*
pour into your tin, adorn with demerara and bake for 1+quarter hours
*test for doneness after an hour*

I've been sticking and glueing and tearing up some
wallpaper that I bought in a sale that didn't quite
work on application to the wall *it bubbled terribly*
it's the palest of blue *not that you'd tell from my photo taken 
on this overcast day*  
with threads running through it like silk :

I've been sticking it to an old shelving unit that I rescued 
from our shed : 
a relic from the previous owners :
Libbie looked at me in disbelief as I hauled it out 
looking all pleased with myself :
dusting away old spiders webs and carcasses
I could see it's potential :
after screwing on some found castors and covering it in paper
it has a new lease of life :
but I can't think what to do on the new hardboard slidey front :
something to take it from drab to fab :
paper it the same as the rest?
apply an adage or saying in amazing font?
but what?
a photo?
a retro paper?
ideas anyone?


  1. That blanket is really good. I can't believe how quick you are.
    I wonder what you will use the cupboard for? It might determine the outcome...

  2. the intention is to put it on the landing and use the slidey part
    for linen :
    the shelves, no doubt, will be filled with objects and books ^_*

  3. Merry Christmas to you too, Dee
    love Emma Bradshaw x


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