Wednesday, 24 February 2010

❤ old photos

last week was my beautiful Nannie's 87th birthday:
I baked her an apple cake and we laughed and talked:
she gave me her vintage black coney jacket
and allowed me to borrow two of her photo albums:
I have been scanning in every photo so they can be saved
onto disc and given to all the children, grandchildren,
great grandchildren, cousins, aunts and anyone who wants a copy:
then I shall return the originals to Nan:
she told me this is her as a lavender girl:
my great grandmother made all their dresses, this
one included:
she always looks so stylish:
I love this one of her and sister Hetty, strolling down the road:
hair set in finger curls:
Hetty getting a march on:
now I know where I get my quick walking from!
my grandparents were a handsome couple:
a gorgeous photo of contentment:
and look at those billowing sheets!
a sight for sighs:
my Mama and aunts and uncle:
hats and bows:
sandals and no socks:
the light is magical, late summer days:
this is one of my favourites:
my great grandmother, family and a bear:
my Uncle talked about it for months it's been told:
'long time ago we see a teddy bear eh Dad?'
a book of memories:


  1. Wow these are great! I love, love, love old photos, my nan lives in Hampshire, and every time I go to visit, out come all the old photo albums, ive done it since I was a little girl, they are all still in the same cupboard, they are so fascinating, I never tire looking at them, I study all their faces, trying to see who likes like who! I can soo see you and Libby in your nan, very strong genes! Life looked so simple then didn't it? , though actually it was much harder! xx

  2. you're right Jen ~ photos usually only capture the happy moments:
    in this digital age. the legacy of photo albums may be lost:
    making these old albums precious indeed:

  3. These are beautiful CG.

    I especially love the broad, pristine road in the third picture, the new houses, and opposite still fields.

    They'd had it hard, so hard, but everything was going to get better...


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