Friday, 5 February 2010

˩˥ on paper

*for me* the best private view so far at the coexist gallery 
set of odd volumes
is a collection of artefacts made from paper that we use in our everyday lives:
explored art objects:
public and private:
constructed and deconstructed:
all exploiting the sculptural possibilities of the book form:
my highlights are:
concerto in c minor by carol ramsay
forest: lungs of the world by julie dodd
the 2nd book art by samantha huang
your outpour, my downfall by amy mckenny
theories of perception by thurle wright
this untitled piece by karen apps was my favourite of the show:
it seemed to stand out to me in it's simplicity:
not overworked in it's solitary display:


  1. wow these are lovely to look at - will this show be on for long?

  2. till 25th I believe:
    go see go see:
    look here for opening hours

  3. ok, I'm drooling and slobbering over here....that amy mckenny is chuffin' awesome. I came across Thurle Wright meself a few months ago and am now officially in love with her work, being the mad old bird I am Denz, hehe!!

  4. exhibition does look great, a fantastic opportunity t work with Amy and exhibit alongside such amazing work. My work was one of the first installed (Carol Ramsay) so I didn't get to see it all finished. Missed PV too as I live too far away :-(

    So glad you enjoyed the exhibition.

    Hoping to uninstall on the day the exhibition finishes so that I get to see it all up.

  5. Hi!
    I'm a brasilian student of art and I'm doing a search whit book sculpture. You have the contact with this artist?

    Thank you!

  6. Hannah ~ Caz Ramsey {her comment above ☝ yours}


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