Monday, 19 July 2010

❤♡♥ summerloving

yesterday we made our annual visit to
at victoria park, london:
plenty of footwork:
welcome the return of the fabulous
a touch of downtown dereliction 
with fabulous dressing up!
the sun shined on:
you could learn to hula:
play bingo:
whizz down the helterskelter:
eat and drink:
mmmm churros and 
oh yeah:
not forgetting the bands!
Silver Columns, New Young Pony Club &
Cut Copy had real energy:
Chromeo were funktastic:
we danced and sang
at the front of the Gaymers stage:
then hot footed to the Main stage ....
and after a delay ....
Grace Jones will see you now:
alas we couldn't quite see her:
but that amazing voice we could hear:
a new costume for every song:
eat your heart out Gaga:


  1. love your fairground pics...and hulahooping is very difficult in frothing frocks!

  2. I missed out the bit about drinking pear cider and sipping margaritas:
    we loved the fairground but sadly no candyfloss this year!
    {yes Lovebox people ~ where did the sweetie treats go?}
    how's your hula Ms Books?


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