Sunday, 26 September 2010

⋈ how much culture can a girl have?

this week was the Rayleigh Arts Festival:
with free tickets for How to Speak Essex:
not quite as you would think,
a talk given by Martin Astell of the
he played us sound recordings from as early as 1906:
lilting accents and dialects:
from north to south:
east to west:
'little old boys' 'a'er noon' 'roobub':
how vowels are changed and consonants dropped:
it's nothing new:
they've been talking for centuries:
thursday evening and more spoken word:
this time from Sundown Arts :
any poem about chocolate gets my vote:
{crank up the volume as Stuart speaks quietly}

next a piece in the form of a break-up letter to a 
London commuter train:
written and read by Ray Morgan:
we sympathise:
'I cannot commit to you when you make me feel so cold,
even in the middle of July':
we are amused by Simon Blackman and his jaunty odes:
impromptu asides and audience reaction:

our hostess Jo Overfield makes us welcome:
her punchy lines and open smile:
sharing her likes and dislikes and a light hearted tale of the
30th birthday cake she was unable to eat:

finally, the straight talking Cherry Scott:
her say-what-you-see works of our locale have
energy, daring and poignancy:
all a privilege to hear and see:
to nod and smile and appreciate:
looking forward to the next Sundowner
at Village Green ......
*on a blog coming soon!*


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