Wednesday, 15 September 2010

☼ parklife

Polski Picnic at Priory Park:
we could have made traditional paper 
cuts like these ~ from Polcraft:
instead we tried macrame with Jolanta Surma
and wove hearts:
pierogi ~ smacznego!
up the stairs:
through the hatch:
Chodzenie-Siberia by myclub:
we learned how the Prince Regis shaped the
fashion of 17th century uniform:
making it a glamorous attraction for men conscripts:
Libbie made her own neck cuff:
in response to the work:
we danced to St Nicholas Orchestra:
and I bought a Polish Pottery dish:
nam drogiego polskiej kultury:


  1. love Lib's ring....and the look of those potato wotsit thingys....and I love a uniform....and beautiful bowl!!


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