Monday, 25 October 2010

⏏ eject

shocked to hear on radio 4 news today
that Sony are dropping sales of
the walkman in Japan:

this little silver box kept me away from the 
numbers on bus journeys into town:
in my own private idaho of my bedroom:
byebye little friend:
gone but not forgotten:


  1. In my time I've been through the tape, CD and MP3 versions of these babies. Blub :(

  2. Up until about 3 years ago, portable technology had passed me by. It was tapes on the go... If my last Walkman could resist the urge to chew tapes up, probably still would be...

  3. That's the exact model I dribbled over in Stones Electrical window in Hadleigh High St (next door to China Super Kitchen). Still a timeless design.

  4. I bought this from a neighbours Freemans catalogue:
    quid a week from my Saturday job earnings in Nastys:
    think it was the smallest model they ever produced:
    not even sure if it still works but somehow I managed to keep it:
    magpie me:


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