Friday, 22 October 2010

✣✣ let them talk

pecha kucha #6:
what's one of those?
twenty images, twenty seconds:
cities, towns, creatives, thinkers:
Southend's pecha took place in the former 
Clifftown Reformed Church 
~ now the East15 Acting School, Clifftown Studios:
local artist and recent graduate Amy Frampton
spent time, hours, days in a housing estate:
the Kursaal:
eight hours in the car park:
confinement, vulnerability:
cataloguing experience:
then creating an installation as part of her degree show:
two rooms, flat packed:
I particularly liked her photographic record
of her practice:
Laura Keeble leaves her pieces to their own devices:
shopping Magi in Bond Street:
idol worship in a local graveyard:
interest in how people interact and react with her work:
she can install chocolate crucifixes on my shelf
if she likes:
no supermarket required:
amusing and straight talking Daryl Easlea :
passionate published musicologist:
whose final words left us all a'sigh:
the house ~ digital poetry by Mary Flanagan:
an interactive screen applet:
she explores radical game design,
critical play where 
"the games that people play and how they play those games 
change in response to culture":
I love Heidi Wigmore's work:
she curated the excellent Cliffhanger in June:
{blogged here}
as well as her darkly feminine pieces:
she revealed past projects:
and a sneak preview of the new:
spoonfuls of pagan imagery:

finally a nod to Ian Brownbill, Metal's director:
for filling in the gap between Southend & Liverpool:
a creative connection that has changed our town for the better:
and given me the opportunity to hear about so many
creative and innovative people:
 without having to travel very far:


  1. Buzzing to get along for one. Would you be up for a go Choco?

  2. Daryl Easlea reminded me of you and your music prowess:
    he's an interesting character with some good tomes to his name:
    moi? talk about what exactly! too much this and that for 20 secs:


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