Tuesday, 8 March 2011

☼⩈ how will my garden grow?

last year {or was it the year before}
the back of our garden was cleared 
of huge old gnarly shrubs
and a few conifers that had seen 
better days: 
the birds didn't panic as there are still 
lots of places for them:
under the forest of bramble we discovered
another 4 metres of garden
all within two raised beds:

so we covered it with plastic and left it 
till yesterday:
my friend Abigail came over and dug in
the wheels I'd collected:
a row of recycling:
now we have to decide what to plant
and where:
we will definitely plant these:
they are borlotti beans:
I picked them for the last time
at my late friend Nicola's allotment:
she'll be laughing at me, up there,
wherever she is
as I rake to a tilth and hoe:


  1. Oooh how exciting planting your veggie plot, i'm envious!! Love the wheels... just think of all those rich pickings in late summer :)

  2. It looks great, I love the wheels too :-)

  3. crop rotation?? ;)

  4. btw
    annonymous is me ...dean

  5. ah your alterego Mr H:
    not sure where to start Jen!
    next will be construction of pea+bean wigwam:
    with hairy string of course:

  6. My main worry would be slugs, how the hell do you keep them from munching all your seedlings, every time I try to grow stuff it all gets eaten, tried beer, copper wire, vaseline round pots....

  7. Hey, are you hoping to grow some bikes then? Can you start them from cuttings like this, my resourceful friend?
    Muahahaha ^^

  8. Jenhen ~ try holly leaves: fresh or dried: put a ring of them around your tender plants:
    imagine slugs & snails saying 'ouch' 'eek' as they try to clamber over them: surprisingly it works!
    suzie ~ have a passion for a Pashley but they don't grown on veg patches sadly:

  9. Its a lovely space and i am looking forward to seeing your postings on its progress.

    The wheels are a wonderful example of recycling, plus they looks so good.

    Re the slugs, another tip is to plant extra, some for them and some for you. Sadly there will always be some sacrificial veg.


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