Friday, 15 June 2012

∠∟ bunking off

this week I bunked off work for the afternoon to see
0.34 miles (0.54km)
an exhibition by printmaking and book arts students

anything paper or folded and I'm in!
spoondrift by xizhi li
tessellated and ceramic like
by misa gott
with moving parts
tick tick 
life is a waste of time
time is a waste of life 
by yumeng chen
quoth the raven, never more
by katharine libretto
images taken from a self-assembled camera
aperture 1,2,3
by mandy prowse
handled with gloves
by katherine eves
darkly revealing
memory overload
by margaret cooter
precisely cut and my personal favourite
by karen apps

paper ~ 
fragile, communicative, strong
subverted, deconstructed
public and private
delivering a new message

the show runs daily from 1~5pm
{except Sunday} until 21st June:
see for yourselves

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