Sunday, 3 June 2012

⁁⁁ if you go down to the woods

funny how you stumble on things on the net:
a tweet lead me to a blog which linked to 
this blog about a local community event
inviting anyone to ~
"cast on 25 stitches {or more or less}
knit or crochet anything you like
for 200cms {or more or less}"
so I did
in greens
my favourite colour
on Friday I went to Hockley Woods
and met Jess Worley and Chris
knitting and nattering
{and being bugged my gnats}
so I joined them
and even tried a bit of knitting myself
{I haven't done this since I was about 10 dear readers!}
so many colourful lengths
all joined together by Jess
to be wrapped around the tree
and park bench
I wonder what the squirrels and birds will make of it?

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  1. that's the positive part of the internet…away from all the what-I-ate-for-breakfast type of nonsense you can find some really interesting gems, discover new places to go and experiences to be had!

    As for the squirrels and birds, they probably unpicked it for nesting material. The hirondelles here keep swooping into the barn, stealing my sheep wool for their nests!


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