Friday, 4 September 2009

~`cornered '~

There's something magical about folding a piece of paper to create shapes.
I usually have a pack of origami paper in my bag when I'm on my travels.
If I spot commuters and travellers who use tickets or dogears to mark their places in a book, I take out my paper and fold them a little origami bookmark.
I get some strange looks at first as I place the folded paper on the corner of their page.
But that soon changes to realisation and a smile.
So if a woman puts a coloured piece of paper on the corner of your page one day ~
it will probably be me, the guerilla bookmark giver.


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  2. I've seen those and they're amazing ^_^
    love the bus ticket origami ~ ritual and sharing
    reminds me of the little origami paper cup you brought back from
    far east


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