Friday, 18 September 2009

(: friday things that make me smile :)

Most days I see my neighbour Marian as she tends her front garden.
She even mows the grass verge outside her bungalow ~ putting ours to shame as it gets ever longer while we wait for the council to come and trim it into shape.
She waves and smiles as she cuts and shapes the lawn and secateurs her amazing hydrangeas.
I've always admired them with their blue-pink laced Queen Mothers hat lusciousness.
I commented on them today as she prepared to cut them back ~ the flowers fading.
"Oh take as many as you like"
I could not resist.
I'm hoping they'll keep their pompomness as they dry.

I bought some beautiful vine tomatoes in Lidl today.
I could not resist.
Piled on my window sill they looks so jolly and plump and red.
Shall I roast them with a little olive oil and garlic and make a base for soups & pasta?
Or shall I make an ubiquitous ketchup?
Or even a yummy chutney to smother on cheddar and crackers?
Happy Friday bloglovers ^_^

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  1. OOoh, the chutney for sure, and can you send a jar out to France, please?
    *tummy rumbles*


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