Tuesday 22 September 2009

.... a little bird told me ....

I have a velux window above my head as I lay in bed.
Lately I have been sleeping with the blind open so I can see the stars at night.
This morning, as I opened my eyes, I could see something stuck to the condensation on the glass.
A little white feather.
Probably left by the collared doves that coo-coo on my chimney pot in the morning.
A little gift to make me smile.

Today is my Brother and Sister's birthday.
I sent them texts of greetings and kisses.
My head has been full of memories of silly childhood games and funny little coded phrases that only mean something to us. They've been in my life for 42 years and they still make me smile.

Happy Birthday Nicholas & Zoƫ


  1. or as Paul kindly pointed out ~ it might have been a moulting angel

  2. Glad it left a feather and not anything else more messy!! I love the birdies in the morning x

  3. haha ~ I see where you're going with that
    birdsong is good
    crows and magpies can be a bit squawky round here but I do like
    the sound of the woodpecker when it's around
    oh and seagulls cry
    and the last blackbird at night ....

  4. Unfortunately I get woken by my neighbour's hungry barking dogs, not birds, and I certainly wouldn't want them leaving any, err, gifts on my velux!

  5. oh how lovely. it's meant to be your guardian angel. i wonder...


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