Friday, 28 May 2010

⎶ poetry corner

I am very lucky to have such creative friends:
inspiring and strange:
individual but the same:
one such is Paul Levy:
a poetic talent and part of the excellent
I never tire of reading his work:
so eloquent with words ....

Man Shed 
the smell of soil
and damp Saturday afternoons
with the sound of rain
drumming on the roof
bluebottle carcasses
dangle in webs
above long protacted
warming hands
around a mug of tea
sitting back
into an old canvass deckchair
the pauses extend
beyond sweet pea
to solving the energy crisis
then scoring the winning goal
at Wembley
dating a pop princess
writing a book
creeking in the wooden frame
like sleeping bulbs

into compost

where would the world be without the word weavers
& language painters?
those who chronicle life and I'm privileged
to know a great one:

you can peep at Charlotte De'Aths new chapbook 

 ‘Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters’


  1. You should check out the latest ish of Plectrum new poetry from Christian Guémy (aka C215, Benedict Newbery, Biba based features and interviews - and guess who as reviews editor?

  2. nice one Dave:
    I see that Benedict Newberry collaborates on Nude mag:
    didn't I send you a couple of those?
    the world turns in a small orbit:


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