Friday 28 May 2010

☺☺ special delivery

after wiping a tear from my eye
 I waved goodbye to my precious girl
as she went off for a weekend break with her Papa:

then the doorbell rang  ♪bing bong
'what have they forgotten' I thought:
in anticipation of an extra squeeze and
a stolen kiss:
but no it was the postman:
with a package:
addressed to Ms D Chocolate:
that's me!
from France?
from Suzie ^_^

inside ....

like water for chocolate girl:
amour tendresse passion:
et magnétisme:
oh la la!
now there are only 18 biscuits:
nom nom:
a beautiful postcard with nasturtiums:
and I do love a deckled edge:
and a lost message:
knock-your-eyes out colour from Pisa:
not so sure about the red slacks mate:
and doily edged renewal of promise:
ooh oO buttons buttons
and vintage thread:
now where are those socks that need darning?
le meilleur du tout ~ un module de tissu avec le ruban:
{the best of all ~ a tissue package with ribbon}
a set of fabulous Suzie original photo prints:
that I love:
no I LOVE:
non je t'aime:

ps if you're wondering where that chewed, unsharpened 
green stablio othello pencil went to ....
it's here: haha


  1. I've been looking for that pencil everywhere ^_^

    specially chewed for comfort

    avec plaisir ma puce, tu le vaux ♥

  2. Your letter box rocks,
    it seems to me...

  3. How lovely. A treasure trove packet. I like your new banner Mrs D
    That looks good enough to eat

  4. I'll return it when we visit Suzie ~ may even sharpen it for you:
    just like buses Diva ~ nothing for aeons then two at once:
    thanks you Loulove ~ it was good to eat ^_*
    {Ms D}


    A shopping list I found for you :-)

  6. thanks!
    I'll raise you this >


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