Wednesday, 5 May 2010

〓 mixed medium

last week I saw the opening of a new exhibition at the Tap:
'a moment before decadence'
curated by Jonathan Kipps:
this piece by Jonathan named 
certainly dominated the main gallery:
canvas and pigment squeezed into the main arch:
the bruised areas:
sides hurtfully shoved are beautifully rendered:
a complete juxtaposition to the black gloss painted facades:
the thick paint of Geoff Diego Litherland's paintings, seem
at first playful:
I really loved these long exposure photographs and cells by
Frankie Charles:
his dreamy installations complimented 
by the gallery and it's own light:
as I peeped in to view this video piece
the artist told me it is meant to be ethereal and viewed
on occasion:
he explained 'the rainbow appears quite faint at first,
but as the light of the day changes, so the rainbow
becomes brighter':
added to that his amusing tale of how he came to be
"making rainbows":
*in an aquarium shop, where he cordoned off the area and set up his camera:
the strange looks of people in the shop as he was filming rainbows*
triumph of the Winch Room
is David Watkins 7.10 metre high
this towering purple poured piece
transforms the room into a cathedral:
more amusing artists' tales
as David told me how he teetered on a 
scaffold tower:
leaning out to pour his paint:
go see ☞ until 22nd may

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  1. Fabulous photos CG. I'm really looking forward to seeing Converge, I've seen a few photos of it and it looks very impressive. Bruiser looks a little intimidating though! Thanks for the overview.


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