Tuesday, 11 October 2011

㊀ any more fares please?

on Sunday I met with my flickr friends
for the Canvey Island bus rally:
there's some delicious details on those 
old buses:
chrome and enamel:
a need for speed:
we took a ride on an old bus:
to the museum:
{my Dad used to wear one of these!}
classic cars:
{this is my dream car}
then a bus ride back again:
no smoking on the upper deck:


  1. I've been on such a buzz (no pun intended) to visit for years. Mrs M's not in anyway tempted - perhaps you could give her a nudge..

  2. I guess it's everyone's dream to own a vintage car. I really envy those who can watch live the vintage car show where you can see lots of those dream cars of ours.


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