Tuesday, 18 October 2011

‐‑‑‐ sew sew

although I am very lucky to own 
one of these gorgeous leather camera
bags by Grafea sometimes I just want
to grab one camera and shove it
in my handbag:
not practical:

this summer I envied my friend Suzie's 
ingenuous drawstring bag ....
so I cut up an old skirt
{it was far too short for an old girl anyway}
turned over the top edge:
cut some wadding and a lining:
made a fabric sandwich:
sewed up the sides and bottom:
thread ribbon through the top:
safe padded pouch for my baby:
Libbie got all jealous 
so I made her one too
with a Liberty fabric offcut:


  1. bit posher than mine tho'!!
    P.S. I can't really take the credit, it was Monica who suggested it to me :)
    lovin' the GSN ^^


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