Monday, 28 September 2009

÷ immersed ÷

I'm bursting with inspiration and feeling slightly small in this big wide world of creativeness.
A visit to 100% Design in London on Thursday has given me new ideas and made me dig out old ones, shake them up and make them fresh.
The seed of a project I have been working on, may just have evolved.
Paper paper everywhere.
Here's some things that caught my heart ❤

This beautfully organic paper 'Cloud Walk' sculpture by Yu Jordy Fu
It's the stuff of dreams and fairy tales.

Dimensional wallpaper with free form fern leaves that catch the light and give texture with shadow from tactile wonderland
Tear off wallpaper from znak. Peel off paper to reveal colour beneath and create unique design. Imagine coming home after a bad day ~ pick and pick and pick until nothing is left!
Then start all over again ➥

Oh how delighted was I to see a piece by my favourite artist Cornelia Parker?
This chair is part of the excellent Pallet Project by Nina Tolstrup of studiomama

Can you believe it?
Salmon skin used for upholstery ~ elegantly soft but tough & eco friendly from es
There were a zillion good things to see and feel and watch and learn.
Particularly loved the designers block section ~ prototypes and sometimes surreal ideas.


  1. those ferns look utterly exquisite, and yes, more Cornelia love here!

  2. CP appreciation society in full effect ^_^
    she painted her chair with alternate white and red pigments ~
    the white pigment was made from the chalk from the white cliffs of Dover, and the red, from a house that fell on to them


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