Friday, 26 March 2010

Ж chit chat

last night Libbie and I went to a Pecha Kucha night:
what's one of those I hear some of you think:
it's an event for designers to meet and show their work in public:
the name comes from the Japanese term for the sound of
chit chat:
the presentations are quite simply
20 images x 20 seconds
*a sweet 6 minutes and 40 second show*

this is our 4th Pecha and last night saw my 
quietly modest and talented friend
Paul Siggins up on stage:
as well as the fabulous Amy and Emma of
then someone new for me ~  Kidda :
this is him talking about a film he worked on with Noel Fielding :
he skipped along slipping in names like
FC Kahuna and Cadbury's:
another modest artist talking with passion about something he loves:
but it wasn't all commission:
he has time to play with Hama beads and create an
identity for his own music:
I like Kidda:
after a beer break we listened to the wildly inspiring
Holly Murray:
her costume designs are gorgeous:
we particularly loved her collaborative work with the anarchic dancer 

Holly talked about the demands of a costume and how
she enjoys the challenge each one brings:
we love their construction and elegance:
after the presentations we ate cheesecake from a cup:
drank a glass of wine and talked to friends:
all this on a Thursday night!


  1. Great pics! I really wanted to go last night but didn't have anyone to go with.... looks like an interesting one tho'

  2. 看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................

  3. you should have come anyway Sylvia:
    you missed a treat:
    thank goodness for translator Luo ^_*

  4. Thanks for posting this :-)

    I had a work thing I HAD to do - boo. But, at least I've now had a taste.


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