Friday, 5 March 2010

⚅ the new faces

last night, I went to the private view of
photographs by a gorgeously modest friend ~ 
his new exhibition, 
The New Faces 
shown at
is a study of eight young 'Modernists'

the venue was a buzz of sharp suits and soul sounds:
a cool backdrop to the photos that somehow 
evoke a retro feel:
this is not just boys and girls dressing up:
this is their way of life and that comes through in these images:
a tip of the hat to Bailey?
nostalgic black and white print quality and processing
is a refreshing back reference:
more so in these days of digital perfection:

the exhibition is spread over two floors ~
crisp and well lit upstairs:
surprise and dark downstairs:
painted brick walls offset black and white:
bringing to mind the Cavern Club and underground 1960's 
r&b nights, where the girls lashes were longer than their skirts:
light box prints light small alcoves:
under a ceiling cloud of old lightbulbs
a projected movie of the young soul dancers:
style and pride:
the exhibition runs until 24th March 2010:
go see and put a spring in your chelsea boots:


  1. Is this the same friend who photographed Jack White? *slathers*

    He's pretty groovy, I ♥ the quintessential englishness of these, something I miss sooo much at times
    In a long distant past as an art school ponce (first time round) I was joined at the hip to a girl who was a mod and we used to go to a club in Dalston, full of tasty geezers looking like this

    She is now, like me a harried mum of 3!

  2. A great night - loved the pic's, but call me a photostine, it was the sounds a'booming in the basement that really did it for me. That and the free Becks

  3. the very same Suzie:
    knew you'd like the sounds Mondo:
    interesting meet with Mr Kane too!
    Paul said the photos 'take me back to earlier days gone by, when the length of trouser vents, were something to take very seriously':
    twas great people watching that night:
    the little girl with false eyelashes, gold dress and beehive:
    the black girl in a geometric dress and big white overnight bag:
    boys in check suits, shirt + cravats:


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