Monday, 8 March 2010


I ❤ the colour green:
it calms my soul:
it sings to me when I look:
it calls to me when I buy things:
not just clothes:
if it's something to smell 
then green is pleasantly fragranced:
it's the colour of nature and healing:
good for the heart and slows breathing:
helps concentration:
apparently wedding gowns in the 15th-century were mainly green:
in some cultures green means danger:
who would have thought one colour could do so much?
what's your favourite?


  1. ooo dark purples and blues.
    Green is so variable - I can't get a handle on it at all.

  2. Years ago, when I used to paint the walls of my house with colours, (before I had the 'any colour so long as it's white mentality') I couldn't stand green rooms. Don't know why.

    I'm a red kinda girl. Anything from coral to aubergine via blood

  3. purple is a magical colour: dark and reverent:
    blue is very versatile: indigo, electric and turquoise,
    powder, cerulean: I painted my front door blue because it promotes intellectual thought:
    and indicates loyalty, serenity and protection:

    red has eneergy and warmth: it makes you hungry!
    hospitals and doctors surgeries are often painted green:
    because of it's calming effects:
    perhaps that's why you don't like green rooms Suzie:
    my bedroom is mossy green and I lovelovelove it:
    actually my hall is painted 'forest lake':
    paint names? now that's another blog isn't it?

  4. I love green too,my bedroom is painted a lovely goosebury colour!! I can lay in bed and imagine im inside the amazing spiky fruit haha

  5. what a fabulous concept Kelly:
    mine is more rainforest ^_^

  6. I'm with Suzie, I love Red, and all variations of it, so it makes you hungry, thats not good for me at the mo! I love my red glass knick knacks, against my chocolaty fireplace wall, really compliment each other. I do like green though, it is a very calming colour, but I save my passion for that in the garden, I try to offset varying shades against one another. Love that limey yellowy green, against dark prussian. x


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