Sunday, 14 March 2010

〒 toku chan likes to look up

another super show at the Tap 
brought to us by Metal :
Toku Chan is a character created by the Brighton based artist
he uses Toku to show us his vivid prints, music and animation:
his inspiration = many visits to and fascination with Japan and it's culture: 
Toku Chan and his friends are like many characters that Western 
children and adults have embraced:
manga books and anime dvds have never been so popular:
*puts hands up ~ big Miyazaki fans here*
Lee Bakers cuddly heart shaped toys and animation are not all:
Kite Fight = a collaboration with St Marys School:
a festival of paper and string in the Winch Room Gallery:
gets our vote!
*click the images to view them larger*
lushly coloured giclee prints are steeped in traditional Japanese
colour, pattern and historical narratives:
we are introduced to the Samurai through Toku:
 geishas wear skull kimonos:
our favourite = gorgeous Chrysanthemums:
these beauties were a treat for our eyes:


  1. Great show - here's the Japanese artist we mentioned Takashi Murakami and this mushrooms

  2. Love the kite fight, must have taken ages to construct that, very clever!


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