Friday, 9 April 2010

ᘞ and cockle shells

not far from my house,
a fourteen minute stroll,
is the old part of Leigh-on-Sea:
walking behind the cockle sheds:
old style fonts and shiny yatch varnish:
history and weatherboarded cottages:
fishing and shellfish:
this old place is mentioned in the Doomesday book:
cocklers supplying the restaurants of the land:
cobbled streets and memories of climbing shell mountains:
I dropped in to see my friend Richard:
always inviting and his shop full of gorgeous ceramics:
past boats and masts on the estuary:
quiet and still until the tide:
to Sara's tea garden for a ploughmans:
pot of tea, ozone and vitamin D:


  1. It's no good, I've gotta come and visit. Throw in some chips in paper and I'm in heaven :)

  2. chips and cockles me deario:
    and real ale at the Crooked Billet:
    you're welcome anytime ^_^


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