Sunday, 4 April 2010

ᐇ something for the weekend

Good Friday wasn't so good:
our East London trip was delayed then cancelled:
a rummage sale by American Apparel went mad:
police grappling queuers to the ground:
seems the gods were telling us something when they put 
engineering works on the line:
change of plan ....
there's nothing like a charity shop trawl to find some goodies:
no buttons for me this time but I did get these
⇧ outstanding three piece with the chanel line!
                                                         new and nubbly ⇧
 ⇧smiled at the sly looking guy holding his darts:
                  and the girl holding in her tum ⇧
today I stood under a huge tree:
after a big roast dinner at the railway hotel :
we were going to watch my friend Tom Burgess
as he recorded live ....
but we decided to go for a stroll instead
*sorry Tom*
and visit the peacocks:
so good to see them back at Chalkwell Park:
then home for a cup of chai and easter treats:

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